Monday, February 21, 2011

Knock Out

It's surprising that I feel busier on break than on a normal weekend.  I, however, felt obliged to post up something that I recently purchased:
The rings on the right looks like a normal ring huh?  Except...
Bam!  It opens up to reveal a hidden compartment.  Personally, I keep a note in there, but a piece of tissue soaked in perfume would also fit.   A word of warning, though:  I got this on Ebay, and the seller didn't provide a picture of the inside of the locket, or the catch.  When I got it, the inside was tarnished and the catch didn't fit the locket well.  So buyer, always ask for more pictures if they are not provided!

If I were feeling more flush (and had a few thousand to spare), I would get this:

image not mine, from her website

Sadly, I am broke as always.  But hey, at least the weather is getting better here!  (What a clever change of topic)  And the flowers are in bloom:

 At least it stopped pouring...
 In other news, some pictures from Target's GO collaboration have been posted!  I'll try to find a few to show.

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