Monday, February 14, 2011

Fall 2011 RTW: Creatures of the Wind

Happy Valentine's day, guys!  Or Singles Awareness Day or whatever you want to call it...(my favorite so far has been 'forever alone' day).  I finally started checking over the Fall 2011 collections and discovered a brand I had previously not encountered before.  I'll admit, I checked it out mostly because of the name (Creatures of the Wind?  How could I not?), but I was really digging the retro-inspired vibes from the collection a lot.

I don't know why, but I really like this look.  I don't like that the skirt is rather sheer, but the combination of the sweater + embroidered skirt just gives off an oddly appealing school matron vibe...strange, I know.

A more elegant look.  I still like it because of the unusual shoe choice, but spruce it up with some jewelry and an evening bag (do people still say that?), plus high heels and this could turn into an outfit for a more formal party.

Finally, the outfit that got me interested in the collection in the first place.  Again, I saw a really retro school-inspired theme throughout the whole collection, which was reiterated here.  The color scheme would seem out of place anywhere else, yet it works in this outfit, each part of the outfit echoing the texture or saturation of another element.  And the shoes kind of scare me.  But they seem like an interesting weapon, so that's a plus?

So, yay!  I know many of you are starting to get bored with the retro vintage hipster old school thing that's been floating around for a while, but this collection, even though it wasn't groundbreaking, was still interesting for me because of the way they incorporated those common elements into something visually interesting and fun.

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