Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bath Bombs!

A few days/weeks ago, I was making bath bombs for some friends and decided to put them in cupcake wrappers.
I call this scent Spring Forward, and it's a blend of Brambleberry Bonsai and leftovers from this other one,
Tranquil Breeze. I also mixed a bit of Cybilla Creamsicle too, so now it smells really tasty.
Next project: Sugar scrub!
Now off to hunt for a recipe... Happy Spring!

It's still cold...

I haven't really posted for a long time, more like a month. It has been sunny, and a definite end to winter. Today, though, the sunlight outside seems to be fluctuating. It was supposed to rain( which we definitely need!), but it was sunny for a few minutes, and really seemed like spring. Then, the clouds started covering up the sun. However, just when it was starting to sprinkle this morning, the sun came out again. If something is controlling the weather, they're either bipolar or having a seizure. However, the nature does not seem to mind.
Tulips in our yard
We also have a freesia plant, and it smells sooo good. If Brambleberry comes up with a freesia scent, I want it. Freesias are not obnoxious or heavy, like gardenias, they just smell floral and fresh. Perfect for spring.
Also, our lemon tree is bearing fruit! Only a few lemons are yellow, though. The rest are still greenish.
Happy spring!