Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration: June

Or more really, of things that I want/I've been thinking of.

【ELLE SHOP】リリド ゼロファイブ|SETTING SUN タンクトップ  |ファッション通販 エル・ショップ, 7,875 JPY
Swingle Collarless Military Jacket, $196
Silk printed mini skirt, $942
Jil Sander Nappa Leather Lace Up Brogues, 185 GBP
Coral Branch Stretch Bracelet, 79 EUR
Kuo Ting Jewelry Briolette Crystal Necklace in Gold, $98
party cat eye sunglasses, $11
Essie | Coral Nail Polish | Buy Essie Nailpolish
APOD: 2007 February 28 - Stars, Dust and Nebula in NGC 2170
00340m.jpg (JPEG Image, 320x480 pixels)
 Just an obligatory post with miscellaneous items.

In other news, for the promotion of Madonna and her daughter Lourdes' new line for Macy's, Lourdes (Lola) has started a fashion blog.  And apparently,  "OK but no joke gladiator sandals are OUT."  Lest I incite another person's fashion rage (like the girls across the street yesterday), could the reader's of this blog suggest a comfortable sandal that WON'T incur a 13-year-old blogger's wrath?*

*Not that I care what someone with horrible grammar/internet speak thinks, but gladiator sandals aren't my preferred choice of sandals, and I need a new pair.  I feel kind of irked though.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Resort 2011

Collette Dinnigan:
Well, maybe not inspiring or particularly modern in a sense, THIS is what I want to be wearing in the summer.  And also what I probably should have worn to graduation instead of a conservative, faded sweater and a knit dress.
I mean, Resort is what bridges the gap between Spring and Fall collections, right?  And isn't that called SUMMER?  As much as I enjoy some of the minimalistic looks from other Resort collections, I can't imagine wearing them in 80 degree weather.  They felt like more pre-Fall (which is like SUMMER, right?).
But anyway, I love the colors.  The style is so simple, yet perfect because of that.
More lace, anyone?


Ooh!  Do I see blatant subcultural references in this collection?  Again, not something comfort-appropriate for summer, but anything with subcultural fashion references (usually) catch my interest.
Like the shoes!  And the possibly vertigo-inducing print.

Really, not much I wanted to say, I was just browsing a couple of random resort collections.  I've been posting sporadically again, but somehow I've been having a lot of stuff on my hands.  Also, can you believe the U.S. won against Algeria?  I usually don't watch sports, but that last goal scored was pretty epic.  And other stuff, as usual, is going on in Canada and with relations with Russia (which I think are getting better?)
Okay.  Back to watching the Russian Sherlock Holmes and maybe slacking off/being busy.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Have a happy Father's Day to fathers around the world!

Fathers Day Graphics

Friday, June 18, 2010

Giveaway Alert

There's a giveaway on Fashlynable's blog-don't miss it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stella McCartney Resort 2011

I wasn't really inspired by anything from the 2011 resort collections, and I didn't have anything I wanted to post, because it's summer and I wanted to sleep in (didn't get to, unfortunately, but then I saw the Stella McCartney Resort collection on geometric sleep and it was SO GOOD.

   It reminds me of the dress a friend wore to graduation.  One shoulder, floral lace design, paper doily-like shoulder poof?  Good enough for me.
I loved all the shapes of the dresses this collection.  So frock like, resembling the coat Madeleine wore in... Madeleine.  Like a paper doll in antique patterned paper.  (Sensing a pattern with paper, vintage patterns, and florals here?)(more on floral later)
Amazing.  I loved all the florals in this collection, because they seemed so new and inspired, more like a greenhouse than wallpaper.  This (first) was even more epic from the side, but the only picture was on geometric sleep.  Scroll down, and look.  The second dress is also amazing, something I would personally buy if I had the money.
 Well tailored, I think we might see someone wearing this on the red carpet soon.  I kind of dislike the pants though, because together with the jacket, they make the silhouette seem elliptic.  Or maybe it's her hands.  The collar is an interesting touch; it makes the ensemble slightly different from it's-a-suit-in-black-and-white.

I also liked the cross cut jackets, but not the color.  Too fall-like.  Well, maybe this one is okay.

To summarize: well tailored, crisp, clean looks for Resort 2011, with "fresh" (I know, overused) floral patterns, a touch of vintage charm, cohesive (or at least wearable) colors and interesting shapes, even though she reused a few designs.  So yes.  It makes me want to dress up and have a fancy occasion to go to (which I am usually not one for).

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A short time ago here was there

Wooh!  Finally, graduation is over and we won't have to face the torture of graduation practice anymore.  Stand up, sit down, no, only row 1, clap in unison...  Is it kind of sad that I dressed like a conservative grandma on my own graduation.  I mean, someone even asked why I wasn't dressed up when I WAS.  At least my handshake was decent (though slightly sweaty).

Anyway, over the weekend I found a Zac Posen shirt for 30% off.  Score!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Ting Tings

Sick in June?  Yeah.  With the water out (we're adding a new sink), catching a cold, and graduation coming up, I haven't been feeling up to post much.  Mostly just listening to music, like the Ting Tings:

Somehow, their songs always get stuck in my head!  What music are you listening to?

Also, I kind of feel like I need guidelines for graduation attire.  Clothing should be simple and modest, so does anyone have any ideas?