Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties G Review

...Another long title, coming your way.  Anyway, I realize these were from summer, and it is now fall (feels like winter!) but summer scents are equally uplifting (if not more so) in cold weather. :)  Plus, I only spotted them today at Sears.

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Sunshine Cutie G comes in a cute bottle, with the doll on top wearing a "tuxedo" bikini top and blue-green swim shorts.  There is a picture of plumeria flowers on the package and in her hair.  This version of G sports new notes of (from Amazon) mandarin, coconut water, heliotrope, and vanilla bean.  Now, when I bought these, I had no idea.  I sniffed Love, and it smelled too floral, but their were no testers, so I took a chance with G.

At first sniff, G smells ridiculously of coconut.  With a weird floral note behind it.  And I was not pleased.  But after a while (or was it just the influence of other reviews I saw online?) it began to grow on me.  The coconut faded; yes, it still smelled like a beach, but now it was drier, will vanilla and more florals backing it up.  It's a warm scent, sweeter than I would have liked, but still quite lovely. 

But now I must warn you.  Scents don't really change on me, from the mid notes to the dry down.  After about 10 hours, it smells a little less of floral, but that's it.  Maybe it's because I have bad circulation or dry skin or whatever, but just saying, so other people know how scents work on me. 

Sunshine Cuties G actually reminds me of...Cool Water Woman, because of that last sandalwood/vanilla note.  But in a good way.  I've heard it compared to Creed's Virgin Island Water, but I wouldn't know.  Overall though, it's a good perfume.  Lasts only a few hours, but the packaging is as cute as heck.

I did not receive compensation from any company to write this review.  My mom bought this for me. XD

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Shopping

I'm shopping way too much lately, really.  For the last few weeks, I've been buying fall staples...jeans, cargo pants, sweaters, boots, and cardigans.

So to prevent my bank account from fainting on me, I've been living vicariously through online shopping, creating fall outfits in my head.  Can you believe it was 80 degrees today?!  Fall is out of whack(yes, I know that is a really old reference).

Here we are: Casual/Business

Open for Business Cardigan  Pair a sleek, casual tank underneath this cardigan to transition from business to casual wear.

Quirky, and playing into this year's leather trend, this skirt brings just a little bit of edge to an otherwise strict outfit.

I just realized that all these items look very business/classy/casual, so why not continue the trend?  These boots are perfect for dreary gray days, and have the right amount of sass to stand out on their own.

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Disclaimer:  I don't get paid to endorse ANY thing on my site, if I link to another site, it's because I think they're cool.  I buy everything I review myself.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giveaway Reminder

La Petite Fashionista is holding a giveaway on her blog for a Parameter motocycle Jacket!  Don't miss it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

can you hear the whispers of a thousand hearts beating?

Yes, my hair has blue streaks in it.  In case you can't tell, it's on the left side of my head.  Had to bleach it twice because my naturally dark hair WOULD NOT lighten.  Also redyed it three times, because it's semi-permanent and started to fade.  It's not this noticeable in real life; it's only this bright when sunlight hits it (like a vampire? not!).

I could never be a nail polish blogger.  This teal is Sonia Kashuk's Taunting Teal from the fall/winter collection, and while gorgeous, dries to a darker shade than what's  in the bottle.  Like, really dark.  I'm wearing this with a slightly shimmery satin topcoat, so the color is not quite true.   Love it though.

I haven't been to the flea market in a while, but I ended up finding something for my friend's birthday(shh, don't tell her!), a mask pin, a scrap booking/inking pen, and a fleur-de-lis bracelet.  All for under $20!
The watch and the horse pin are not from this trip's finds; the watch was from Etsy and I added a chain, the silver pin was from a different trip.  I thought the mask pin was fitting, seeing as our school is performing a Shakespearean comedy!

That's all for now!  I'm beat, and I still need to study!