Saturday, September 17, 2011

Missoni for Target

Missoni for Target is out!  However, I'd suggest waiting for Target to restock, since much of its items sold out on the first day!

What would you get?

Missoni for Target® Women's Shoulder Bag - Passione

 Missoni for Target® Short-Sleeve Knit Dress - Multicolor Zigzag Print

Missoni for Target® Cardigan Sweater - Multicolor Zigzag Print


I personally like their cardigans, however, the material quality doesn't seem to be that good, and it's sold out both in stores and online.  However, I will try tracking down some of the items later!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Support Stacy Lomman on Kickstarter!

Fashion has been increasingly outsourced to outside countries, making costs for producing American-made clothing more expensive for smaller designers.  Stacy Lomman is using Kickstarter to fund her Spring 2012 collection, "Biohazard".  Help support the economy!  Clothing made in the United States are more expensive, but are often of better quality, and ensure that laborers have a higher standard of living that the US is so acclaimed for.  Pledgers of $20 or more on Kickstarter will also receive bonuses like bracelets, calenders, and even VIP seating at her show.

Hurry!  There are only 12 days left to fund her show, and she still needs $1865 to reach her goal, or else she doesn't get a single cent.  Pledge + More Info Here!

Her Fall Show:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interesting Links: Peculiar Beauty

Hello everyone!  I've been working on some personal projects for while, so I apologize for the silence on this end. 

However, I've found some interesting blogs to browse through, one of them being Peculiar Beauty, a blog written by Bonnie Downing on ancient beauty remedies and vintage tips on anything from fashion, to exercise and cookbooks.  It's an entertaining and informative read; I've spent hours on her blog just browsing through the archives!  Mostly, though, I'm just glad modern beauty products and treatments have evolved from lead powders and kohl.

If you have time, be sure to give Bonnie's blog a read!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY of the Week

I found this really cool craft project this week ad thought that I would share it with you:     Ribcage T-shirt.  I think the idea of doing something creative to the back of the shirt is really neat!  It would be great for Halloween because of the skeleton factor, but it would be also fit any occasion where you would want to dress a little edgier.

I am definitely going to get pictures of this if my DIY attempt goes well!


For my friend's birthday, I wanted to make something from scratch.  Well, nearly scratch anyway.  She had been seeing some people wear hooded sweatshirts with dinosaur spikes, and she asked me to make one for her.  A dinosaur hoodie?  How could I refuse?

Sorry this is the best picture I have, but T-Rex is already safe and sound with zir new owner.

This wasn't a true DIY unfortunately, since I bought the hoodie beforehand.  All I did was to cut a sheet of felt into teeth shapes, sew them onto the hood, make eyes, and finally sew spikes (also made of white felt) down the back.  If anyone wants me to make a full tutorial, I'll be more than happy to.

Unfortunately it doesn't have a tail, but I would say that the facsimile is close enough, don't you think?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Header

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't been posting often, but I'm working on a new header for this blog, which means there is a temporary one right now. It might take a while since my computer is very laggy, but it will be up soon I hope!

But now for a short product review:  Yes to Carrots C Me Shine Lip Gloss.  I got this gloss in pink after I lost (another) tube of lip balm.  This is 95% organic and goes on smooth, not sticky although your hair does catch on it.  The color, Flirty Pink, does not show up very well on my pigmented lips, but it is nice and moisturizing and pretty shiny.  It does have a mint tingle when you first apply it, but it's not a big issue in the summer.  As for performance, I find all lip glosses/balms wear off in a few hours, and this is the same.  But for about $6 at Target or your local drugstore, it's a good organic alternative to mainstream cosmetic brands.  They have a nice selection of colors, and I would personally recommend this product to others.

This was not a sample from the company, this was privately bought.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Since it's a national holiday today, I'll leave you with this:

Stars, Stripes, and Polka Dots

Stars, Stripes, and Polka Dots by dewfall

Happy 4th of July everyone!