Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We are popular with the birds here

Yesterday, because of the heat I was eating dinner outside, on the porch. We have a sapote tree in front, so as I was eating, I saw a bird landing on a branch. At first I thought it was a seagull, but as it turned to stare at me, I realized it was a hawk ( or falcon. but it was pretty big) It flew to a telephone line close by and perched o it a while, then flew off. My thoughts went like this:
  1. Oh wow, a seagull
  2. Why is a seagull here? (We don't live very close to the coast)
  3. Wait, it's tan-coloured...
  4. OMslktgpweflgkG, it's a hawk!!!1
  5. Is it going to eat my dinner?
  6. Dang, it flew away...
It had red-orange eyes and yellow talons, and the chest area was a light speckled tan. The back and wings were a mostly medium brown, and was 12-16inches long(?) After researching, I still don't know. We have a lot of crows and some scrub jays here(they visit our trees) , and many other small birds. Does anyone know what kind of hawk/falcon that was?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brambleberry, Redesigned!

Finally, the new Brambleberry website is up! Thanks to Anne-Marie and the rest of her team for the new design. The website is now easier to navigate and order from. The design is clean, and the site is more helpful, too. Also I just found the descriptions of the products. (Sorry,Anne-Marie, i didn't notice it before!) Check it out!