Sunday, May 30, 2010

Warm-Weather Candy

Mmm...sugar.  I've been craving some candy lately, but with the temperature going up, melty chocolate isn't going to cut it.  I'm taking a break from your usual programming to bring you some foo-related news...These are some sweets I've been eating:

Meiji Chelsea
A smooth, creamy, toffee-like hard candy that tastes like...well, butterscotch.  Unless you get the yogurt one (tastes better than it sounds).  They come in seasonal flavors too, and right now Praline is tickling my tastes buds...a mix of pecans, roasted sugar, and kinako comes to mind.  Available in Asian/Japanese groceries.

Fruit Mentos

What more can I say?  "The Chewy Mint" won't melt and is perfect for dropping into soda for a wonderfully explosive reaction.  They're dragees, whatever that is.  Somehow, I haven't gotten a single lemon in my pack...(never mind! Just found a lemon!)

Peanut Butter M&Ms

I ran out of these, but they are perfect when you want some chocolate (if you keep them in the bag) in the summer.  Can you tell I like nuts in my candy?

PSA : And everyone, remember to still eat healthily and brush your teeth! (PSA over)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Shoes

How awesome are these shoes?  Buckles, leather, flat-but-not-too-flat = Awesome.  Also, her nail polish?  Looks like a gorgeous orange-red!  Perfect for hot weather.

Image from the Stylish Wanderer

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Style

Hurry up, spring!  It's  been oddly rainy and cloudy the past couple of days, and I just want to sit outside and soak up all the sun (with sunscreen on)!

Items in this set:
Sorbet Rope Shirt, $225
Discount McQ Draped jersey tank |, 170 GBP
Chevron cutout skirt, $295
Kimchi Blue Canvas Camera Bag, $38
Silver lace ring, $420

 Expensive, but a person can dream right?

This spring, for me has been about skin-tone (or beige), nautical design, lace, and of course, the obligatory brights.  I especially like lace and neutral fabrics because of the way they provide a delicate touch to an outfit but also add visual interest because of contrast.  Coral and turquoise here are two of my favorite spring/summer colors because they remind me of the beach!  Very enlivening.

I plan to paint my nails orange for graduation, to go with a dusty pink/black dress.  What do you think?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Earring Tutorial

Okay, non-pierced earred people rejoice!  I have come up with a quite simple and probably not exciting way to make almost painless clip-on earrings!  From wire!  Be amazed! (or at least comment wittily)
 Supplies: Stiff-drying non toxic glue, charms/beads, eye pins, needle nose pliers
  1.  Bend the other end of the eye pin into a loop with the needle nose pliers.  Wrap the pin around the pliers forming a spiral.
  2.  Bend the spiral and flattened it with your fingers, making sure the end of the spiral is flat like a paper clip.  To put on ears, just slide the end onto you lobe, adjusting to make sure it stays put.  The earrings are the gold ones in the middle, the other was a random crafting moment.  They stay on pretty well, but I wouldn't suggest wearing them to dance or exercise.
Sorry this is it, Photobucket is being a pain today and I can't upload the rest of the pictures.  I'll try to get a photo of them being worn and I'll compensate with another post soon though!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone and their mothers!  Today, I gave my mom two cards and a bar of handmade soap (from Brambleberry's LCP base).  What about you?
                                                          Picture by Joe Sala

I have a simple piercing-free earring tutorial coming up, but Photobucket is not cooperating with the laptop, and it will have to wait.  More stuff to come (possibly sporadically).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bleaching and Writing and Unimaginable Things

Okay, going through a mini-crisis here with graduation.  See, I bought this cheap black dress for graduation and decided it needed more jazz.  Eventually, I decided to use Rit's Color Remover to bleach the top part lighter, but guess what?  It's now an odd and rather unappealing shade of burnt sienna.  Well.  Apparently, the dress, which was on clearance, is now out of stock.  Great.  And I still need to return my shoes that are too high to walk in.
Posting, again, will need to get back on track after tests and family issues and school and whatnot.  I've been writing a bit lately, and I'm just getting started on a lot of projects.
Now I just to wait for the dye.
Sorry for the quick post, and (not literally)see you soon!
This is what I will do for graduation if I can't get a new dress.
Image from Jak&Jil