Sunday, May 30, 2010

Warm-Weather Candy

Mmm...sugar.  I've been craving some candy lately, but with the temperature going up, melty chocolate isn't going to cut it.  I'm taking a break from your usual programming to bring you some foo-related news...These are some sweets I've been eating:

Meiji Chelsea
A smooth, creamy, toffee-like hard candy that tastes like...well, butterscotch.  Unless you get the yogurt one (tastes better than it sounds).  They come in seasonal flavors too, and right now Praline is tickling my tastes buds...a mix of pecans, roasted sugar, and kinako comes to mind.  Available in Asian/Japanese groceries.

Fruit Mentos

What more can I say?  "The Chewy Mint" won't melt and is perfect for dropping into soda for a wonderfully explosive reaction.  They're dragees, whatever that is.  Somehow, I haven't gotten a single lemon in my pack...(never mind! Just found a lemon!)

Peanut Butter M&Ms

I ran out of these, but they are perfect when you want some chocolate (if you keep them in the bag) in the summer.  Can you tell I like nuts in my candy?

PSA : And everyone, remember to still eat healthily and brush your teeth! (PSA over)

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Anne-Marie said...

I'm eating "clean" this week so no goodies for me. But I love all of the above!

Anonymous said...

ooh this one made me soo hungry for peanut m&ms..!:]:P