Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's that time of year, everybody.  Who is going to dress up? *raises hands*  I'm going to be Subaru from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.  Does anyone else have any plans?

Anyway, has any one heard of Target's GO collections?  Apparently, they will be celebrating 5 years of designer collections with a 34 piece collection next spring!  This apparently will contain reissues of past designers' dresses.  Is anyone interested?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Finds

Fall has come so quickly this year; only two weeks ago, it was 80 degrees out!  However, now, even on the usually sunny West Coast, the weather is getting colder, and just yesterday it started raining.  Time for fall, and fall trends!

Jeans:  I found out just today that Target has really upped their denim game.  Currently, they have six different fits (though I only saw four in the store), like mid-rise, low rise, relaxed fit, etc. throughout the store, with different washes and styles and lengths in short, regular and long.  This makes denim buying a snap!  As long as your know your fit and size, it's easy to buy a particular style of jean.  I'm especially pleased that they have different lengths, because usually pants are too long for me, and it's annoying to hem them.  However, the jeans I bought were cheap, stylish, and fit perfectly!  I definitely recommend going to Target if you need new, budget-friendly jeans. (Note: The fit 6 jeans come in odd sizes, are are more of "juniors" jeans.  The rest come in the typical women/misses even sized jeans.  Also, this is 99% cotton, so it might stretch a bit in the wash, though I haven't tried.)

Knits:  Hand made, alpine, and cable sweaters are getting popular this season.  Keep warm this winter!

Boots:  Utilitarian style boots are back, but more feminine-softer contours, slimmer heels and and comfier than platform heels.

Nail Polish:  Gray, brown, taupe, and green nails (keeping in with the military theme) are the focus here, from Chanel to drugstore.  I like Sew Psyched by Essie, a greenish-gray shade.

Steampunk Necklace Gothic COSMIC OWL - Vintage Old Watch Movement with Silver Wings and Chain - Steampunk Fashion Jewelry from Cosmic Firefly

And not necessarily on trend, but how cool is this steampunk necklace?  Definitely statement jewelry.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spirit Day

Ugh, I totally forgot about it until I went to school today.  I did have some purple on my jacket, though.

Support acceptance and tolerance for all! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Death of a Whale

A blue whale was recently killed, running into a ship, and the mother whale's body washed up on shore.  We went to go see it yesterday.

(This post contains sad, slightly gruesome imagery)
Actually, I was going to post pictures, but decided that most people would be horrified by the sight of a picked-at, broken carcass of a huge whale with the baby calf torn out of its mother's womb.  So I decided not to.

Even now, I can smell the stench of rotting fish, hear the caws of the gulls and feel the chill in the air, even now I still think about the sadness of the death.

The scene was rather...disturbing to me at first.

When I came across it, I saw the sea gulls first, loud and flocking around the rocks.  The coarse sand was strewn with seaweed, and as I observed it carefully, I realized that there were...organs, scattered and picked at around the shore.  There was a form, similar to a whale, pale and almost complete.  I recognized one part as a tail, and now I believe it was the fetus of the pregnant whale.  I had to climb on top of the rocks to get a better view, and soon the smell drifted up to me.  Covering my nose with my jacket, I scrabbled across the other side of the rocks, avoiding entrails and baleen, hissing at the sea gulls to get a better view.

The whale was large, but somehow I expected it to be bigger.  It was lying in an odd position, stomach out, head hidden (we couldn't see the head, and maybe it was lost), tail almost severed from the rest of the body, chunks of fat and flesh showing.  Almost all of the skin was gone, and it looked almost as it had never been alive.  It made me rather queasy to see such a destroyed corpse, once a magnificent, living animal.

How quickly life can be destroyed, rendered subject to the waves and beak of the birds, the wind and decaying of flesh.

How almost...surreal, unbelievable something can be once a silent tragedy has been occurred.

I am still sad, almost uncomprehending still, of what happened.  Maybe in time I will realize this, but even as I try to wrap my head around the evanescence, the fragility of life, the stark and indifferent world, I will only remember a lonely feeling inside, and the images that remain.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

I've been only inspired to post about my personal life, which really is kind of typical.

Let's see, I got a horrible haircut, bought three packs of blister shields for my feet, found out shoe liners were the best thing EVER for flats, bought Splat hair dye (Blue Envy!), am stressing out over school and more school, and found out that Malaysian curry is awesome.

So!  I find that Polyvore is more inspiring, like so:

My thoughts and more stuff I like shoved into one little box.
I find that this fall there is a thing about wedge shoes/boots, neutral grunge and military.  Military is very prominent, but the other styles are just...reoccurring?  "Hidden" trends/styles?  I don't know, but I also feel an urge to do something very Victorian (lace, lace-up boots, hats, high socks) juxtaposed by something anti-establishment (blue hair, surfer/punkish).

I think that's just the schizophrenic weather we've been getting.  Or just my age.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Lesson Learned

    2.  When you sell an item on Ebay or Etsy, ask the buyer to PAY IMMEDIATELY.  Or else you might be stuck with someone who wanted expedited shipping, then doesn't reply to your emails for four days.

Learned this one the hard way too.  Just specify how and when you want to be paid when you create your listing.

And buyers, please check your messages and emails.  Or you might have an angry seller giving a Second Chance offer to someone else.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Lesson Learned

  1. Even if you are wearing flat shoes from a company like Naturalizer, even if you have already wore the shoes indoors, even if they feel comfortable, always break them in before an event involving a considerable amount of standing.
Lesson learned:  Patent leather flats are not meant broken in after one-and-a-half wears.  I should have already learned my lesson from Already Pretty (she has a great post about breaking new shoes in) but I naively thought that because they were rather soft flats, they would be comfortable straight from the box.  Not so.  After walking for two hours today, I got blisters and peeling on the sides of my heels.  I was supposed to wear the flats to a dance tonight, but I guess I'll have to wear sandals now.  Another lesson learned: wear socks when breaking shoes in!