Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Music: Paramore

I've been listening to Paramore's latest album, Brand New Eyes, for days now, ever since my friend so graciously gifted me a hard copy (a CD!  How shockingly old-fashioned).  Well, first off, I love the cover art.  It has a lovely picture of a butterfly pinned to a wall/sidewalk, and besides the taxidermy factor, is really quite intriguing and appealing.  And (hard copy only, sorry) the booklet inside (which I only discovered a minute ago) is filled with beautiful images relating to the album, with lyrics to the songs written on them.  Plus, the booklet is made of 30% recycled paper!  How could you not like that?\

Now, I know the album is pretty old, but they didn't have any good albums at Fry's, where my friend picked this up from.  But it is still a good album, and has quite a few songs will make great summer jams.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hi there!  My exams are over for now, but I still have classes throughout the summer that are gonna eat my brain.  So for now, all I have are a few pictures of the shoes I painted:

I think that Blogger hates my images because for some reason, I can't upload the other pictures?  The rest are from Photobucket, which also dislikes me.

 You can't tell from the small pictures, but I've painted (from 2nd picture, top to bottom) the Swan Nebula, the Milky Way, the Crab Supernova, and constellations which include Leo and Cancer.  I got the idea from a friend, who wanted me to paint supernovas!  It took me about 5-7 hours on these?  I also finished them in glossing medium, which makes them shiny and a bit water resistant.

I am also very broke right now, after my tablet broke and I need to buy a new one.  I'm selling shoes with any kind of design you want on them!  Info on my page:  Here!

That's all for today!  Gotta go eat lunch. :)