Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We are popular with the birds here

Yesterday, because of the heat I was eating dinner outside, on the porch. We have a sapote tree in front, so as I was eating, I saw a bird landing on a branch. At first I thought it was a seagull, but as it turned to stare at me, I realized it was a hawk ( or falcon. but it was pretty big) It flew to a telephone line close by and perched o it a while, then flew off. My thoughts went like this:
  1. Oh wow, a seagull
  2. Why is a seagull here? (We don't live very close to the coast)
  3. Wait, it's tan-coloured...
  4. OMslktgpweflgkG, it's a hawk!!!1
  5. Is it going to eat my dinner?
  6. Dang, it flew away...
It had red-orange eyes and yellow talons, and the chest area was a light speckled tan. The back and wings were a mostly medium brown, and was 12-16inches long(?) After researching, I still don't know. We have a lot of crows and some scrub jays here(they visit our trees) , and many other small birds. Does anyone know what kind of hawk/falcon that was?

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Anne-Marie said...

Wow! A hawk - and they are so big too. You're probably lucky he didn't take your lunch =)