Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties G Review

...Another long title, coming your way.  Anyway, I realize these were from summer, and it is now fall (feels like winter!) but summer scents are equally uplifting (if not more so) in cold weather. :)  Plus, I only spotted them today at Sears.

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Sunshine Cutie G comes in a cute bottle, with the doll on top wearing a "tuxedo" bikini top and blue-green swim shorts.  There is a picture of plumeria flowers on the package and in her hair.  This version of G sports new notes of (from Amazon) mandarin, coconut water, heliotrope, and vanilla bean.  Now, when I bought these, I had no idea.  I sniffed Love, and it smelled too floral, but their were no testers, so I took a chance with G.

At first sniff, G smells ridiculously of coconut.  With a weird floral note behind it.  And I was not pleased.  But after a while (or was it just the influence of other reviews I saw online?) it began to grow on me.  The coconut faded; yes, it still smelled like a beach, but now it was drier, will vanilla and more florals backing it up.  It's a warm scent, sweeter than I would have liked, but still quite lovely. 

But now I must warn you.  Scents don't really change on me, from the mid notes to the dry down.  After about 10 hours, it smells a little less of floral, but that's it.  Maybe it's because I have bad circulation or dry skin or whatever, but just saying, so other people know how scents work on me. 

Sunshine Cuties G actually reminds me of...Cool Water Woman, because of that last sandalwood/vanilla note.  But in a good way.  I've heard it compared to Creed's Virgin Island Water, but I wouldn't know.  Overall though, it's a good perfume.  Lasts only a few hours, but the packaging is as cute as heck.

I did not receive compensation from any company to write this review.  My mom bought this for me. XD

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