Saturday, December 4, 2010

Word of the Day

Or rather, words.

"Ironically Preppy" are two words I never want to hear.  Especially not when describing a cape:

Sure, she looks like a misguided school girl.  But this is not "ironic", because there is no context to suggest that the way she is wearing it is ironic.  Something is NOT automatically ironic if say, you wear a school uniform blazer but are 10 years too old for school.  Irony is being overused in our culture, and my Literature teacher is probably not happy.

Here is the rest of the slightly unrealistic article:

In other news, the William Rast for Target photos are out!  They don't include the prices of the items, but here it is: William Rast for Target

Now, finals are coming up (eek!) and I am off to study!

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