Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

Another late movie review for me!

Anyway, Tangled turned out to be pretty good.  It's an animated fairy tale about Rapunzel and the thief who "rescues" her, Flynn Rider.  The animation was detailed and the clothing designs were elaborate, but all you want to know is the story right?  Well, Tangled is a musical, but the songs really aren't the focus of the story, and aren't that memorable.  The story is about average, no really big plot twists at all, but fun to watch nevertheless. Oh, and Rapunzel has an adorable chameleon by the name of Pascal, too.

Rapunzel is a lost princess, locked away by Mother Gothel because her hair has magical properties that can turn back time, and Gothel wants to be young forever (stereotypical much?).  Fast forward 18 years.  Rapunzel has grown to be a lovely young woman, who is curious about the outside world, and the lights that appear each year on her birthday.  After Mother Gothel refuses her request to leave the tower, Rapunzel faces an unexpected guest:  Flynn Rider, an infamous thief that has stolen the royal crown.  Rapunzel hides the crown, and proposes a plan for Flynn:  if he takes her to see the lights, she'll give him back his crown.  It's a plan that he reluctantly agrees to.  And so her adventure begins!

Even though the storyline was nothing extraordinary, the humor in the film is what really makes it come through.  There were plenty of lines that had the whole theater laughing, and the humorous elements (besides the awww factor) are what would make this a film great to see with the whole family, twice over.

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