Friday, June 25, 2010

More Resort 2011

Collette Dinnigan:
Well, maybe not inspiring or particularly modern in a sense, THIS is what I want to be wearing in the summer.  And also what I probably should have worn to graduation instead of a conservative, faded sweater and a knit dress.
I mean, Resort is what bridges the gap between Spring and Fall collections, right?  And isn't that called SUMMER?  As much as I enjoy some of the minimalistic looks from other Resort collections, I can't imagine wearing them in 80 degree weather.  They felt like more pre-Fall (which is like SUMMER, right?).
But anyway, I love the colors.  The style is so simple, yet perfect because of that.
More lace, anyone?


Ooh!  Do I see blatant subcultural references in this collection?  Again, not something comfort-appropriate for summer, but anything with subcultural fashion references (usually) catch my interest.
Like the shoes!  And the possibly vertigo-inducing print.

Really, not much I wanted to say, I was just browsing a couple of random resort collections.  I've been posting sporadically again, but somehow I've been having a lot of stuff on my hands.  Also, can you believe the U.S. won against Algeria?  I usually don't watch sports, but that last goal scored was pretty epic.  And other stuff, as usual, is going on in Canada and with relations with Russia (which I think are getting better?)
Okay.  Back to watching the Russian Sherlock Holmes and maybe slacking off/being busy.

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Anne-Marie said...

Oohh...I love the first dress. Thanks for the summer inspiration. I suddenly feel the need to shop =)

Lizz said...

I loved the colors at Missoni! And you're definitely right about Resort being like Summer. I never really thought about it before!

hbub29 said...

LOVE first dress.

Cole S said...

The more I look at Missoni the more I like it but I just can't bring myself to love all of the patterns.