Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stella McCartney Resort 2011

I wasn't really inspired by anything from the 2011 resort collections, and I didn't have anything I wanted to post, because it's summer and I wanted to sleep in (didn't get to, unfortunately, but then I saw the Stella McCartney Resort collection on geometric sleep and it was SO GOOD.

   It reminds me of the dress a friend wore to graduation.  One shoulder, floral lace design, paper doily-like shoulder poof?  Good enough for me.
I loved all the shapes of the dresses this collection.  So frock like, resembling the coat Madeleine wore in... Madeleine.  Like a paper doll in antique patterned paper.  (Sensing a pattern with paper, vintage patterns, and florals here?)(more on floral later)
Amazing.  I loved all the florals in this collection, because they seemed so new and inspired, more like a greenhouse than wallpaper.  This (first) was even more epic from the side, but the only picture was on geometric sleep.  Scroll down, and look.  The second dress is also amazing, something I would personally buy if I had the money.
 Well tailored, I think we might see someone wearing this on the red carpet soon.  I kind of dislike the pants though, because together with the jacket, they make the silhouette seem elliptic.  Or maybe it's her hands.  The collar is an interesting touch; it makes the ensemble slightly different from it's-a-suit-in-black-and-white.

I also liked the cross cut jackets, but not the color.  Too fall-like.  Well, maybe this one is okay.

To summarize: well tailored, crisp, clean looks for Resort 2011, with "fresh" (I know, overused) floral patterns, a touch of vintage charm, cohesive (or at least wearable) colors and interesting shapes, even though she reused a few designs.  So yes.  It makes me want to dress up and have a fancy occasion to go to (which I am usually not one for).

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ilsteviewonder said...

I love the ones that look like paper! yes :)))

Anonymous said...

it does look amazing![; good post!
comment mine?
cross my heart

Fashlynable said...

How is it all so perfect? Ah I love the first dress and the tuxedo jacket. Why does everything have to be so expensive though ;).

I love your blog a lot! Be sure to check out my giveaway here!

hbub29 said...
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Michele said...

LOVE all of it, especially the printed jacket!

hbub29 said...

Oups.. I wrote wrong adress. Great blog!

Follow you - hbub29

Lizz said...

This was one of my favorite collections from resort 2011 too, I don't really like the last jacket; it is crisp and clean looking, you're right about that, but I don't like the cuts I think they look too much like doors. In a weird way. Haha love your blog!

mademoiselle g said...

I love second outfit.