Sunday, August 1, 2010

Topshop Fall/Winter Lookbook

We don't even have a Topshop here, but I saw the "Out of the Wild" lookbook on Nitrolicious and had to share:
Love the drapey skirt and the boots.  Kind of reminds me of Marc Jacob's fall collection.  Delicate and punk!
Ooh, pom poms.  So fun and whimsical in such a dreary and harsh setting (apparently it was supposed to look like a post-apocalyptic world?)
The headband is back...oh wait, it never went away.  I like the combination of the ripped shrug over the floaty dress.  Like a combat-boots wearing princess who could lead a band of survivors into the destroyed world...(I'm thinking too much into the setting, aren't I?)

Basically, I'm interested whenever a collection incorporates dark, depressing elements in it...but only when it can be used for dramatic appeal.

And for this fall, I want...slightly grunge/punk boots, flowy tops and dresses combined with more structured, utilitarian pieces, heavy knits and interesting accessories.  Of course, come this fall it will be combined with a heavy workload and a depressing attitude.  Yay.

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sojourned in style said...

love all these looks, and their style!