Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inception and Despicable Me (movies)

Yes, it's overdue.  Again.  But I somehow felt obligated to write this, so here we go:

I had heard that this was extremely confusing, so I read the summary beforehand.  It's been out for weeks, so I'll just get to the review.  It was good as a whole, with a clear story planned and a lot of explosions (err, kind of a good thing).  It was great for those who like a lot of action and sci-fi, and even had a bit of humor thrown in (sometimes unintentional).  However, I felt the general plot was too simple and the characters other than Dom had very little development-except for Ariadne.  The flashbacks and dream sequences were often confusing, and sometimes lacked coherence.  My main gripe, though, is the end: it doesn't give an resolution for the main characters (again, except Dom) and Dom's ending is open to interpretation, as the director made it purposefully unclear whether it was a dream or not.  The movie was exciting though, and is worth watching if you enjoy dramatic action movies and can handle rapid scene changes  There is supposed to be an extra story after the credits, but my friend and I sat through the whole credits-including the Sony Entertainment stuff-and it still didn't show.  So it may depend on your theater.  After I saw the movie, I had a bit of mental overload-so you might want to sit away from the speakers.

Despicable Me

A light-hearted animated comedy about an evil villain trying to one-up a newcomer villain for .  Who adopts three adorable girls in the process.  And has cute evil minions.
Hm, this one is way older than Inception, so you may want to catch this one on DVD (or whatever they're showing it on these days).  The plot is quite predictable-which is not bad for younger audiences, but the movie still manages to pull it off in an enjoyable way-bad guy turns good guy and gets a new family.  There are, however, some take offs for older audiences, like the 'Lehman Brothers' sign and the infectious rap in the background (I'm still waiting for the full version!).  The movie is hilarious, with the naive minions, giggly girls and all sorts of plans gone wrong, and is a great family movie.  Definitely good for a family movie night!

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