Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Trends

You've heard this a million times already, but...
military, circle skirts, clog boots, chunky knits!
Is it just me, or am I getting a bit of 70's/90's vibe here?

This is just for reference, not really inspired.

BTW, my Dr. Martens have arrived, but they run a little if you wear US size 7/8 or men's size 6-ish and want a classic black pair of Dr. Martens boots, this is your day!  In great condition, soles are not worn down, almost new, with a few minor scratches.  I'm asking around $40(these are the "classic type of boots, and are unisex), but will negotiate.  (Not including shipping, but if you are interestes, ask).  Contact through the comment box!  I always check the comments.


ZEUS said...

Definitely a 70s vibe. Wish the Docs fit me, I'd definetly be interested

sojourned in style said...

love all those trends :)