Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I found this awesome flash comic on DeviantArt from a friend: Knite

It is so nostalgic.  When I visited China, the air was so bad, with humidity and high temperatures combining with dust and smog in the air.  The pollution was horrible.  Even after a rain, the sky never fully cleared.  And there was always construction going on, so if you left a window open, dust would blacken the window sill during day.  And in the late afternoon, the sun would burn dim red.  Rather creepy, no?  I felt really depressed without the blue sky and the stars.  It also was really depressing to think about the state of living there...people dying of pollution, homelessness, no food or drinking water, money, etc.
Knite really sets the mood for hopefulness though.  Even when you can't see the stars, you can make some...

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