Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Pictures and an Update

 I sort of wanted to take good pictures this week, but it's been cloudy and rainy and boring.  So, I just rolled with the horrible lighting and piles of stuff I need to pack and a horrible camera to document (sort of) the stuff in my room.
The Orient watch I won from a giveaway on the La Petite Fashionista's blog, yay!  Unfortunate that I have small wrist so it keeps on slipping.  Boo.  Isn't it shiny?  I got some glare as I was taking this picture.  It's my grandfather's birthday present now.
Some necklaces and a bracelet.  
My Rodarte for Target cardigan.  So pretty, but it doesn't show up in this picture.  Would you believe that on teh second day the collection was released, this was the only cardigan left?!  (Sorry for the bad picture)
 My hiking boots!  Very expensive.  But probably worth it.
I'm going on a week-long hiking trip next week, to a place where it snows and rains.  With no phone or Internet access.  So no more posts until I come back!


Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said...

It's a real pleasure to me too to walk in nature !

Thank youn as always for your presence ,

Have a great week end !

Kiss-kiss !

Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous cardi. Looks perfect. Have a fab trip in your Merrells!

Casey said...

Ah! You have the black Rodarte x Target cardigan! I really wanted it but couldn't find any in the three Targets I went to. I did win the mustard one from Tavi though, so I guess it could be weird.

If you like giveaways, I'm having one from a Hana Professional flat iron on my blog right now :]