Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty for Target

How come I didn't hear about this one?  I guess that's what I get for not having phone or Internet connection for a week.  Anyway, the trip was great.  Later I'll probably post pictures of the amazing scenery (guess where!).  I just got back, and was going to watch Alice in Wonderland, but I missed the showing because our clock was off.  Now for more info!
Hey, I'll like any collection that has an awesome flower-print bicycle in it.  I need a new one!

Can you tell I'm in an Alice in Wonderland mood?  I love the combination of the colors and design.  ...Now all I need is a teacup set.
And an umbrella.  Trust me, even though I may not sound excited, I would so buy any of these pieces.  If only to remodel my room into an vintage museum.

The only things I didn't like were the cut and style of some of the clothes.  The women's clothes looked very cheap and I felt the styles were not the best they could have come up with.  But the patterns?  It would be worth it for the fabric patterns alone.


Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !... {^_^} ... said...

Woww X3 ! ^^
This bicycle is so beautiful !

THINK THINK YOU RIDE IT ...And you 'll see, sooner or later, it 'll be yours !!! ( life is really magical ! )

And thank youuuuuu.....You can have the boots via internet !

Have a super evening !

Kiss-Kiss !

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

oh thank you ever so much for stopping by! x

firefly said...

Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !... {^_^} ...-you think? That will be nice! I need a mountain bike or a hybrid though, but the cruiser is pretty...

cinta / sepi / sayu-You are welcome! Your blog is very interesting.

Casey said...

Aghhhh I LOVE that bicycle!! It's sold out online though.

Flat iron giveaway on my blog right now. Check it out :]

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

hehe thank you! x

Kitty said...

Wow that bikes awesome!