Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everything Green

St. Patrick's Day is you know...tomorrow.  SO!, in honor of the hiding-behind-me-omg-its-close holiday, I made a collection of stuff I had that was green.  Beginning:
Clockwise: Sparkly nail polish from a quarter vending machine, two necklaces; the beaded one handmade, green gel pen, and Glitterati mint.

 Green apple candle from a friend, Weleda Skin Food cream, shell key chain from China, paper crane, paintbrush (and mint).

Green can stand for hope and harmony (I think so anyway), and is a color that the eye is attracted to but not overwhelmed by.  It is the color found most plentifully in nature, usually in the form of chlorophyll in plants.

Shamrocks!  They always grow in our yard in the spring.  These ones are at the front gate-sort of.

So bright and cheery.
We have a cross-country tomorrow, so I hope even normal clovers will bring me a bit of luck!


Walk The Sand said...

Happy St Patrick's Day.

Lexie said...

i have a pretend shamrock plant in my kitchen (not enough light to have the real thing :()!

Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !... {^_^} ... said...

Here in France we don't really know what's St Patrick's day...
But in spite of this, i found a material with him on and i made a shirt with !
I still have it in my wardrobe !
Maybe soon i 'll wear it again !

Kiss-kiss ,
And as ever.....Thank youuuu !

Michele said...

nice stuff, the nailpolish looks groovy!