Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspiration + Infatuation

I was busy with sickness and school the past few days, and I was feeling a bit uninspired on what to blog about.  In an act of desperation, I turned to some wonderful blogs and photos.  On style rookie, The Clothes Horse, and Fashion Pirates I realized they had all posted on inspiration.  Such as, what is inspiration?  How does something influence you or inspire you?  Something that influences me:

from UK Yahoo
Sherlock Holmes.  Victorian England, dapper gentlemen, practical yet elegant clothing/accessories.  A modern touch on a classic in the movie, with fighting and skilled manuevers.

 Turns into this:  My Christmas present for myself.  I bought the face form Magnoliasupplie on Etsy, and used the chain to match it.  I wore it to see the movie!
Some more influence, this time from Teen Vogue:

from Teen Vogue
The name of that slide show said it all: Rebel Chic Fashion.  Edgy, clean, but colorful.  Everything is expensive though.

from FRUiTS magazine
What can I say?  I like street style.  I very much enjoy seeing non-models pull off what they want to wear.  I like color, especially since it is so foggy here.  I like contrasting elements too.
Overall, I'm not sure whether is is influence, inspiration, or just interesting to look at (but for your information, my bet's on all three!) but it's fun looking at culture + fashion.  I needed a break!  What do you think about this? 

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