Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Whole Foods has a pretty good return policy for cosmetics apparently.  I (well, my mom) ended up returning the nail polish because the changing color just "wasn't working for me" (Guess the British TV reference!).  So yesterday, at Target, I went looking for the perfect coral nail polish.  Unfortunately, the cosmetics aisle was filled!  The nail polish rack was crowded with people.  In all the hullabaloo, I decided it wasn't the best time to ponder different coral polishes.  Besides, I could hardly find a single one!  All I could see were yellows and blues and reds, but not a single coral that wasn't red based.  And then I the new nail polish strips on the top shelf, and decided I might as well try them out.

Application:  The directions are relatively easy to follow.  I have short nails, so I cut each strip into two and rounded the edges.  I found that the directions tell you to file the excess down, however, I would recommend sticking it to the free edge of your nail before you do so, and wait a while, otherwise it will tear.

Sorry for the weird picture, my camera wouldn't focus correctly.

It did take me a while to apply these, but after a day, they are still looking gorgeous, so I can't complain  (and I was watching Doctor Who).  Though I think they would look better on longer nails, they look professional either way.  Tips:
  • Wait a while after you apply these before you shower/wash your nails, or it might peel off.  I put a coat of topcoat on, and it held on fine.
  • Add a clear topcoat over the patterns for extra wear time.
  •  To prevent the unused strips from drying out, I just put them back in the original container and duct-taped it.  Not the most efficient way, but hey.  It (might) work.
 Wear time:  They are supposed to last ten days.  I'll keep you posted!

Color:  The patterns look professional and don't stretch out, which is a plus.  The black areas of the hounds tooth have what look like air bubbles in them, but it could just be a manufacturing error.

Would I buy these again?  Definitely.  There are a lot of different patterns to choose from, like animal print, lace(which I'm leaning towards), and even solid neons.  Even though the price ($9.99, find at your local Target/drugstore) is pretty expensive, if you cut each strip into two, it can give you 3 manicures.  Pretty cool for something you can do at home!

Again:  not sponsored to review this product!

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