Monday, April 4, 2011

No April Fool's Prank?

Hey everyone!  As I'm sure you have noticed, the web was buzzing with April Fool's jokes.  My and my blog, however, stayed quiet.  Well, apart from the lack of a working camera, I refrained from impromptu jokes because they almost never turn out well.  In my opinion, there are few necessary elements to a good prank:
  1. Setup.  Plan your prank a few weeks beforehand, rehearse it, prepare whatever you need to do to make sure it goes without a hitch.  Speaking of hitched, one of teachers and another teacher schemed to convince their students they were engaged.  The thing was, though, he wasn't prepared, so the joke had less impact (plus no one believed him).
  2. Tone.  Be serious, make it convincing!  Have all the props, and make sure no one bursts out laughing in the middle of the prank.  Going all out is more convincing than a halfhearted attempt.  Change your blog-header, buy a fake wedding ring.  Also, if you want to trick your friends even further, start preparing your joke the weeks beforehand.  If you want to trick your friends to think that you are getting married, hint at it weeks beforehand, to make it more believable.

   3.  Duration.  Pranks should end on April 1st, but to string out your victims out a little more, end it the day after.  Don't do this with very crucial matters however!  Don't keep up a joke about sensitive matters after April 1.

And if the prank-ees can't figure out that you are joking, tell them.  Take the engagement example:  That teacher's students still think she's getting married!

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