Sunday, March 6, 2011

RIP Camera

Hello there!  This is your absentee blogger again, this time with another excuse.  Our camera broke a while ago, so photographs will be short in coming...

A while back a friend and I went to a restaurant.  While this may seem a simple thing in itself, this year had been quite busy for everyone I know and a visit with a friend was one sorely needed.  As we were walking back from lunch, it started raining.  We did not think to bring an umbrella, but before I could start worrying,  I realized that the sun was still out.  It was a beautiful sight.  Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the mist-like rain fall, but I did manage to take a quirky picture of a leaf:
I moved a leaf over and realized it had left an imprint on the ground!  And so the cameras were quickly whipped out.  I actually posted the picture to my Deviantart, found here: My account.  My friend's account is also linked from the picture there.

Posting might be delayed, but have a great day everyone!

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