Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fall 2011: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I think I may always be a person who loves eccentric fashion.  However, the sky-scraping carved heels at Alexander McQueen and the opulent luxury of Chanel are too extravagant for "real life", which is why the casual minimalism at Phillip Lim appeals to me with it's simplicity.  Texture, draping and basic colors are the main focus of the collection, yet it doesn't suffer from being boring or monotonous.  One of the clever details that caught my eye was the tying of the scarves and sweaters.  This unusual detail is simple but makes but the clothing have a messily put together vibe, without being sloppy.  And the textures.  Tweeds, satins, cardigans, leather- gorgeous!  It adds a richness to the collection that you can almost feel (literally).

As a whole, I would say this collection is very refined and elegant-with a twist on minimalism and of course, modern.  I didn't totally go awaroq9qfg on it, but there a lot of elements I liked.  Can you look at that scarf, in the second look?  I want a scarf like that, to tie in a bow and attach to my ridiculously long, unbuttoned tweed vest.  Yep.  With the green pants too!


Jean-Pierre MATTEI ( qui adorerait que tu lui laisses un commentaire, quel qu'il soit ) ( contre deux boîtes d'haricots rouges, et une souris morte ) ^^ ... said...


Hey Super Firefly !

Thanks a lot for your words !

You know about McQueen and Chanel's things ....It's just for the show......It's like Dior etc.....
But in shop, they also suggest simple clothes.....

About your garments selection here....i adore the shoes we see in the last pix !

Have a magical sunday !
Kiss_Kiss !

ilsteviewonder said...

totally love it :D