Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ring Around

After watching the movie version of The Outsiders, I spontaneously began to be obsessed with rings.  Strangely, in the movie only one character wears rings, and he beats up the friend of the main character, so I don't know when this came about.  Maybe because I realized that I don't have any rings.  I've always thought they were annoying, because they would never fit that well, and because wedding rings are traditional symbols for marriage (In Western culture anyway).  But today I've been searching around Etsy for some interesting rings:



Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love the stacking rings! the gold leaf one is neat, too.

Jean-Pierre MATTEI whom is just a HUGE FASHION STAR !..... {^_^} ..... said...

Hello hello Super Firefly !

I really like the second et the third one !

The third one, the golden one reminds me the atmophere of the movie " the lord of the rings " !

By the way, i adore the one of that movie ( and i adore that movie too )

Thank you for your words
i have done 600 photos of my last trip !

I'll show them little by little .

Have a super week !

Friend Jean-Pierre MATTEI

micol zanzuri said...

love it

Anonymous said...

ohh im so jealous! such beautiful rings!
I love the leaf one especially.
Love Poppy
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hannah said...

so lovely! that leaf especially..