Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

SALE Lavender Paisley Egg - Easter and Spring Decor by KimArt 


April Fool's Day summary:  Got a sticker stuck to my back, sat on a plastic lizard, stole a ruler (now returned), ran a mile, and took a quiz (and was told the next day it was a joke).  Lovely.

Apparently, there seems to be a lot of "trendy" young people dying their hair gray.  From what I see though, it was first a light, pastel color (like lavender or blue) that faded and turned kind of platinum-ish.  Or the color is silver or light blonde.  Not really gray.  Runway

 Am I the only one looking forward to this?  Cynthia Vincent for Target

I heard it's supposed to rain tomorrow here, and I have an optometrist's exam again, because I want to get a type of hard contacts for night.  I hope everyone has a Happy Easter (don't eat too many chocolate eggs)!



Jessie said...

happy easter :)

Aya Smith said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! What an adorable photo of beautiful eggs! :D

Aya ♥

lauren baluyo said...

This photo is just too cute for words.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. :)


Lexie said...

i saw an ad for the CV for Target and got super excited! those wedges are gorgeous!

Anne-Marie said...

These eggs are absolutely darling! I know Easter is over, but I still want them =)

Anonymous said...

ah i got a bad april fools to not nice hehe.
happy easter to you to, i didnt eat that much choc this year actually!