Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spam Alert

Okay, I'm wasting the precious readers' time by posting this, but this is just a little bit important.  I don't like the word verification on the comment box, because it takes a little time and effort to squint and turn your head sideways to try and read the letters.  But it's also amusing if you find a word you recognize, or an interesting scramble of one .  I think more people will comment if you don't have them give their username for email or have to type in the verification, but I've been getting spam on my blog.  A lot.  Especially since I'm getting more traffic than one reader per week (I hope). 

I hope this verification will stop the spammers from coming back, but if anyone doesn't like the new verification box, let me know and I will change it back.

Just comment on this post.


Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said...

Hello hello !

Thanks to you i just discovered Target 's new Designer !

That super ! I like Jean-Paul a lot !
But here in France quite nobody knows Target !
I have myself to google it to know more about it .

Thank you veryyy much for your comment and i will certainly talk about this outfit i 'm making, soon .

Hope every thing 's fine for you,
See you soon !

Friend Jean-Pierre MATTEI

firefly said...

Thanks! I hope comment verification isn't too annoying.

E.C.M said...

Thanks for the good advice you left on my blog it helped allot, i visited my doc and we got it all figured out! ;)
Thanks again!

firefly said...

You are welcome Emily! Sorry for the double comment.

kirstyb said...

spammers suck x

Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said...

As always, thanks a lot for your presence on mine !

Kiss !