Thursday, February 25, 2010

China Fashion Week S/S 2010

This is freakishly late, but a commenter on a different blog reminded me about it.  And hey, it's going to be spring soon right?  (As soon as the rain stops)

So pretty.  It reminds me of peasant dresses/video game warriors/computer language/rick rack.
Swiss cheese shoes!  I guess theoretically, someone could take a picture through these.  Shiny, disco ball tights too.
 A bird in your hair...or on your shoulder.  The hair is kind of reminiscent of Chanel.  I like the peasant, it reflects the culture of the country.
Pictures from

Overall, from the pictures I've seen, the looks were all over the place, some Gothic, some modern Japanese influences, some very eclectic and modern avant-garde-think geometric accessories and paper clocks, some traditional Chinese dance-inspired.  It was interesting, and different from other countries' Fashion Weeks, including a cosmetic show and looks for that.
What country's Fashion Week are you most interested in?


kirstyb said...

~WOW xoxoxox

firefly said...

kirstyb-yeah, it is really extravagant.

Cole S said...

I wish more people were aware of China Fashion Week. These clothes are GORGEOUS!