Friday, November 20, 2009

The Rain

Language is really such a variable subject. Sometimes, gym class is physical education, "pro" and "skills", trousers are pants( but there are still trousers here), fashionista and reccesionista are mainstream now(my Language Arts teacher wouldn't probably approve, and who says that in real life?!), but I digress. My chosen word of the day is nascent.

Today, the weather forecast said it was to be rainy. I hoped that it would rain during physical education, because, really, who wants to run on a Friday? P.E. class came, and it was sunny here and warm. I remember thinking with vengeance, "The weather forecast lied!" Of course, we had to run a mile (not ameliorated by the nice name the teacher gave it). About two thirds of the way through, it started sprinkling. Then the wind picked up. After P.E., it started alternating between raining and drizzling throughout out classes. What a glorious day.

It might be nice to take photos of the rain, but our camera is severely lacking the thing known as quality. Here are things that remind me of today's rain:

Spring Rain. Aventurine and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet by DesignByMagriet

Sun Moon Stars Rain - embellished mixed media print on chipboard by mizkatie

Cloudy Day - hand painted silk crepe de chine luxury scarf by MuseSilkPaintings

Pretty, but the bracelet and the scarf are unaffordable. I need a silk scarf, too. However, this is why you go to flea markets.

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