Saturday, September 18, 2010

Music and Design

 Just some sites I got to for inspiration, like music and crafts:

We Are Hunted
An awesome site, with 99 of the most popular emerging songs.

You can search for colors, palettes and patterns here.  Even though the main site interface is monochromatic, the actual patterns are a rainbow explosion!

How About Orange
Craftiness galore!  This blog is fun and fresh, with lots of great ideas to inspire DIY's.

Ah, this brings back memories.  This used to be the go-to site for me, to get inspired by the amazing projects and designs.  However, now I don't have much time to craft, but this might just inspire me again...

Random post is random.  Today was a mix of bad+depressed, so these are just some sites for your entertainment. :)

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