Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2011

NYFW started and no one told me?  Wha?
Well, to be honest, I was studying, so that might have been it...but now the collection reviews will commence!
What a classy collection.  I'll be honest again: when I think of Jason Wu, I still think of Michelle Obama.  And even though she wouldn't wear the sheer blouses prominently featured in this collection, I can see why she enjoys his designs.  The shapes and color of the dresses in this collection really invokes a bright, feminine but still modern outlook on fashion here, similar to the image she is trying to project.

 Exaggerated geekiness can be so chic, you know.
Lady on safari!  Like the huge bow, reminds me of Tavi's, and the ensemble is balanced out.
Another thing I like about Jason Wu's collections is that the impact is on the clothes, not the shoes.  And before you readers shun me, I would like to explain that it is because they aren't overly complicated, and don't detract form the clothes in general.  I love sculptural shoes, but they don't fit in with his "classic" looks.  The shoes and bags are still beautiful, but simpler and more wearable.
I don't really think this fits in with the rest of the collection, but the dress looks like it is made out of rose petals!  So of course, I had to include this quirky piece.  More sculptural than wearable.

I like this Spring collection, because it reminds me of spring, instead of Missoni resort reminding me of...winter.  Big surprise, eh?  Even though I prefer designers that are more avant-gare, I still enjoyed this collection for the simplicity and elegance of it all, and the exaggerated contrast between the feminine blouses and bows and the tailored suits.  However, the outfits in general form a cohesive "look", keeping it from yo-yoing back and forth.  It looks to be a solid, well performing collection that will inspire trends and knock offs next year.  I suggest you see the full collection, to get a glimpse of the colorful turbans and gauzy dresses(wanted to keep the pictures appropriate here).

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sojourned in style said...

i could so picture myself wearing all of those pieces!

lady sélénite said...

the dress on the last photo is beautiful, make me think of automn leaves.