Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modcloth Finds

Err, I have been kind of boring and obsessive these past few months and I'm sorry about would think, that with summer and vacation and time and all I would be able to be interesting and productive but no...I had to slack off and be lazy and browse websites full of coveted clothing that I won't buy.  There is something about summer that says, "Hmm...I want to do something memorable and fun, but it's such a lazy day, I can always do it tomorrow, who cares"...and then it's the end of July (and I'm a year older!).  And you have no inspiration.  And have to prepare for the new school year.

But alas!  This post is devoted to more frivilous things.  Here are things I want to buy from Modcloth, a sweetly retro website I found out about months ago:
Perfectly 90's with my new Dr. Martens (news coming soon!)
Something I wouldn't wear, but that Lady Gaga might!

Lovely and elegant.  Too bad I have too many shoes.

I've heard that the military trend is carrying on through fall.  This short-sleeved version would be great for layering.
Such a gorgeous scarf!  The color and the design make this one pop.

I love the play-on-words names and the funky, colorful vibe of the store.  So delightful to browse through(I really shouldn't so often).  Also, can you see that fall clothing is on my mind?

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Carolina said...

good post! i'm goin to check tht website out :) totally diggin' the tights!

i'm following you now, please follow me back!

Juu Sommi :) said...

xD japp i think lady gaga would wear this headband, but that doesn't mean it's pretty ;)

oh i love the military style and this jacket ^.^

the other stuff is nice too ^^

firefly said...

Juu Sommi :): You're right. Some things are best left to professionals...

sojourned in style said...

i totally get what you're saying, i browse through stuff i know i'll never have but do it anyway.