Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween and Homelessness

This year, I'm going as Kamui from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. My hair was even chopped shorter for this purpose. Unfortunately, CLAMP's characters aren't always easy to dress up as. While my costume is decently accurate, my friend commented on the finer details of it:"isn't his pendant supposed to be more twisted?" and "isn't the chain supposed to be longer?" Friends are always helpful (I checked my reference. My version is pretty accurate!). Lost of people dressed up today at school. Some were cool (a homemade lolita costume, Piglet, Native American princess) and some were (sumo wrestler, ostrich riders???)...Needless to say, it was very amusing. I hope my costume will turn out well officially tomorrow. The pendant I made out of polymer clay might break, so I'
m being extra careful. Is anyone dressing up? Kamui Kamui(again)

On a different, while my mother and I were driving, she noticed a homeless person on the side of the road, and gave her a dollar. I couldn't see what was on the sign she was holding because of the sun in my eyes, but apparently the person was asking for money. I told my mother that the person could have a gun, or be crazy. But they weren't. That simple gesture and the words exchanged prompted me to think about the unfortunate, unemployed, or simply uneducated people even in rich or well-off suburbs. Some didn't get an education. Some may be abandoned by their families. Some may have lost their job and their home. Some may be alcoholics or drug users. Some, though, may be just plain unlucky. It's impossible to know what people have been through, or how they feel. For the homeless, how much can a dollar help? A meal today is a day of hunger tomorrow. However, I want to know more about people. If I could just sit down and talk with someone else about their life, their situation, their feelings, could I just know about them a little bit more? Would I be able to help them a bit more? Probably not. But I still wish I could have asked about that poor person's name.

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