Monday, November 24, 2008

Product Review:Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter

...Phew, what a long name!
Anyway, Yes to Carrots seems like a good brand. I saw it in Longs Drugs one day, and decided to do some research. C me smile Lip Butter is great, one of the best lip balms I've tried. With ingredients like coconut oil and Shea butter, it is nourishing to chapped skin, without being too heavy-perfect for winter. The flavors are awesome too. Pictured at right, I am currently using Berry. Plus, your conscience will approve, too. Made with 95% organic ingredients and USDA approved, you will know that what you are putting on your lips isn't petroleum or mineral oil gunk. Only $3.69, this is nice stocking stuffer to pair with other gifts. Recommended!


Jeremy said...

Really appreciate the shout-out to Yes To products. Thanks so much.

Glad you were able to say the name. Now, try it 4 times fast! ;-)

Would love to send you some free samples as a thank you for your review.

Here's the form

Let me know if you have any questions.


Anne-Marie said...

What a nice review and an even better reaction by Yes to Carrots. That's awesome brand management.

I've read good things about the founder - and this certainly makes me more interested in learning more about the brand.